Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Uppss I forgot ...

Since coming back from an Easter break in Lubeck where we visited Oma, I've had a daily occurrence of forgetfulness.  Every day I forget to take something with me to work.  Should I be worried?

On Monday, I forgot to bring the chocolates and tea from Germany for my work colleagues.
On Tuesday, I did bring the chocolates and tea but forgot to take the unspent holiday money to redeposit it at the bank.
Today, Wednesday, I did remember to bring the money but forgot my lunch.

Now I am hungry, have to go to the bank, and buy some lunch.

What shall I forget next?

Saturday, 27 March 2010

I am ...

... 27 years old today, being born on the 27th of March 1983 at Karen Grech Hospital, Malta.

Yes, it is my lucky birthday.

Did I every have any plans for this day? Well, you know, when you are a teen, you make a few plans or rather have a few dreams.  I said that at 27, I'd probably be old enough to be married, and maybe have a kid or two.  Wishful thinking.

I am not at that stage, but let's say, I am getting close.

First step: looking for a home for Baanisuu and myself.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Chile quake moves city more than 10 feet

When I read this article on, I was really amazed!

Conception moved ... at least 10 feet to the west and the capital, Santiago, about 11 inches to the west-southwest

What is even astounding is the following:

NASA scientists have also credited the quake with shifting the Earth's axis enough to create shorter day ... 1.26 microseconds shorter

Not much, but still ... wow!!!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Avatar: What an Experience!

I finally watched it. Wow! Amazing! Brilliant!

I am sure a few people left the cinema soul searching, following what is seen as the destruction of an idyllic place, a heaven. Destruction, that is what our race is very good at, amongst other more positive things. And when phrases during the film ring some memory bells, such as: "Let's fight terror with terror", well you get an idea that this film is not only about tree hugging; it is also about respect of other people's lives and beliefs.

People are known to have left watching the film depressed and even suicidal, and no wonder. Pandora can be described as a place where all elements of nature live in balance. One can call it heaven, the heaven most of us believe we will end in, after living a hellish life.  If angels are Na'vis and heaven is Pandora, I guess there is something to look forward to.

If you still have not watched the film, make sure you watch it in 3D (only at Empire Cinemas, Bugibba).  Watching a spectacular 3D film such as Avatar in 2D greatly diminishes the viewer experience.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Off to a ski holiday

Today, I am off for a long-awaited ski holiday in the Austrian Alps, specifically the Arlber, partly sponsored by my aunt to reward my efforts in achieving my Masters degree last year.
I will be joined by my sister and my better half too.
It will be freezing up there, as seen by the following screen dump from

While there, I shall be hoping for a deal at Copenhagen...

I hope I will hear good news from there.

Until then! Auf wiedersehen!